The Development Practice LLC is a consulting and advisory firm that was founded on the premise of putting good ideas into practice in order to create positive impact in our partner communities.  We do this by drawing on a global network of practitioners who work across sectors and contexts and who have a deep understanding of the stakeholders we work with.  As practitioners we have an inherent focus on implementation, applied research, and achieving tangible outcomes for our clients and partners.



Core Services

Agriculture & Food Security Practice

  • Small-holder farmer service planning
  • Value chain and agri-business analysis
  • Food and nutrition security assessment   
  • Rural livelihood analysis and profiling 

Climate and Environment Practice

  • Adaptation and mitigation analysis
  • Green growth strategy  
  • Resiliency analysis and program design 
  • Environmental impact assessment

Learning and Development

  • Organizational Learning Strategy
  • Capacity Building Training
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Professional Coaching (Individual or Team)

Data Management and Analysis

  • Data landscaping and needs assessment 
  • Data integration analysis  
  • Visualization and dashboard design
  • Lean survey design and management

Program Design and Strategy

  • Needs assessment
  • Theory of change development
  • Stakeholder landscaping & analysis
  • Project management planning
  • M&E framework design
  • Partnership scoping and


We think that development projects need to be holistic, adaptable, and relevant to what works in practice for different communities. Our work is guided by a network of practitioners who (i) understand development from a holistic perspective; (ii) are culturally responsive to the communities we work with and; (iii) create practice-oriented solutions for our clients.  Our Practice is grounded in these principles.

Holistic Perspective

We do not shy away from complexity and believe that the strongest programs and organizations are those that consider a problems and solutions from all angles. We work with Practitioners who not only have deep knowledge of their own organizations and sectors- but who also understand how other stakeholders and initiatives can affect their outcomes.

 Key words: Cross-sectoral; Interdisciplinary; Multi-stakeholder;  Network approach

Culturally Responsive

We believe that real results can only be achieved through building real relationships with partners. All assumptions about what could work need to be validated with communities themselves and we expect our understanding of global challenges to evolve as we learn what is important in different contexts and to different partners.

Key words: Community-led; Collaborative; Context appropriate; Continual feedback

Practice Oriented

We like to nerd out on data analysis, research, and theory, but at the end of the day we know that knowledge is only as good as the action it translates into.  We believe in designing projects and systems based on the best evidence available and which build in monitoring and learning in a way that keeps the focus on impactful implementation.

Key words: Action research; Evidence based; Agile; Lean analysis